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Perfect for coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators, our one-day Integrated Athletics Clinic provides 6 hours of training in a Biblical philosophy of athletics and practical tips on how to train your athletes to be young men and women of Christ and student-athletes who make an impact on and off the field.  Sessions can be split between two days, if preferred, and All Things Integrated® can also provide CEU credit for participants.


With over 35 years experience as a high school athlete, high school coach, school administrator, and certified high school official, Jonathan has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in sports, and he is passionate about training our coaches and athletes to play with passion and to respect the game, the opponent, the fans, and authority. 

Come prepared to be challenged and encouraged as we share very practical ideas about training our athletes in the disciplines of the Christian race so that they can impact their world for Christ.  We will look at the role of athletics within our culture, and within the Christian School, and discover some great ways to use athletics to disciple students toward godliness.  We will also address some of the common pitfalls and issues facing Christian school athletic programs, coaches and athletes.   Register for this biblical, practical, humorous, and engaging seminar for athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators.

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